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Our Calling: We connect the “prophetic” dots between the Bible and the headlines of today… [Ezekiel 33]

This blog is going through a facelift and we’re changing how we publish “prophecy” information. Some of the information references a past blog that we used. What we are focusing on now is to post and publish, going forward, our new posts from our current podcasts.

Our audio blog (podcasts) that I post my audio’s to, from my podcasts, along with a written summary for each prophetic audio that I produce, will be posted here moving forward, on this blog at http://brostef.org , it will accomplish a few things:

  1. It would make finding content easier for our subscribers.
  2. I would have the ability to expand my written summaries in this “blog” environment.
  3. being on WordPress will make finding our ministry and information much easier and more effective for people seeking Bible and prophecy information online.
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Just a note… I have a web site called, The Connection Zone. This site is a hub that brings all we do into one centralized location. Click here to visit our main site right now…

We hope you find our blog and prophetic information helpful and encouraging.

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Ezekiel 33