The Watchman Report: Iran Nuclear Pact and The Coming War With Russia

The Watchman Report

Today two very important articles came across my desk . I have linked them below.

Well it looks like the USA has been engaging in backroom politics to put together a, are you ready? Nuclear Pact with Iran. Yes, the Obama administration thinks talking with these madmen is the safe road to travel. This will prove to be the undoing of our country. I can not overstate how dangerous this is and in a way, we are declaring to God Almighty that we are not standing with Him. We are declaring to Israel, she is on her own.

Any wonder why the peace talks crashed and burned? They were doomed from the get go! Good riddance to the Oslo Accords.

In other Biblical Prophetic news Russia is getting ready to take over all of Ukraine. War is looming and Gog of Magog of Ezekiel 38 and 39 is coming to life in a big way! Look for Russia to create and to allow civil war to break out in Ukraine and keep your eyes on God’s people becoming the scapegoats just like they were in the 1930’s. History does repeat itself and here we are 84 years later seeing it repeat itself once again.

Read The Full Report Here


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