Today’s Bible Insight
August 22, 2016
Based on Luke 17:11-19

Have you ever did something for someone and worked really hard helping that person? You went completely out of your way to serve them and it cost you a much-needed weekend to get caught up on really important work you needed to accomplish?

The answer is of course, yes. All of us have had this experience where we really wanted to help somebody, it cost us to serve at that moment and then when you’re all done, you don’t get a thank you, you don’t get a wink of the eye, you get nothing!

You’re not alone… This happened to Jesus Christ all the time. He would help people, he would heal people, he would turn water into wine at a wedding when they all ran out of wine to serve their guests, he helped people in ways that we can’t even know, ways that are unknown to us and many times the Lord didn’t even get a simple thank you.

This is what happened in the scripture reference above in Luke chapter 17. The Lord healed ten lepers because they cried out to him for help. Interesting that the healing didn’t come until they exercised their faith and turned to go to the priest at the temple, just like the Lord told them to do, and as they were walking they were cleansed – all ten!

As the story goes only one returned to the Lord to give his thanks and to praise and give glory to God for the healing that he received from the Lord Jesus. The Lord answered, didn’t I heal ten? Where are the other nine? You know the rest of the story…

This story teaches us that truly the path-way to heaven is small. Nine out of ten left without a simple thank you and only one took a moment to show his gratitude.

The Bible teaches us to be grateful, thankful and to glorify God. To praise the Lord in all things and at all times. We are to be a grateful and thankful people.

Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” (Take a moment and read the entire chapter. It will bless you!)

If you’re fogging a mirror and you’re six feet above ground then you qualify for praising the Lord!

People are watching us and especially if they know that we are walking with the Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s be people that are grateful, thankful, and people that praise our God! Praising God and having a grateful attitude is a big witness of God’s power in our lives!

Take a moment right now, that’s right, right now, and praise the Lord…say thank you Lord for everything you have done in my life. Thank you Lord for the gift of eternal life.

God bless you as you live out your faith in service to our Lord,

Bro Stef, Pastor
Ezekiel 33

If you don’t know the Lord and you don’t have a personal relationship with him, please visit my website at http://brostef.com and scroll down to the bottom “how to accept the Lord.” Time is running out today is the day of salvation!

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