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Bro Stef’s Intelligence Commentary:

Today we have an interesting list of headlines that all point to the formation and continued build up towards the Ezekiel war found in Ezekiel 38. We are seeing beginning of sorrows and wars and rumors of wars” take shape right in front of us, that our Lord points to in Matthew 24.

I have been talking a lot about Ezekiel 38 over the last few years and that’s because the headlines all seem to point in that direction and they continue to do so. Even the news that Iran has been appeased and our government has assisted in their march towards nuclear weapons, points to Ezekiel 38. The changes in Turkey that we are now watching play-out on our television screens is pointing to Ezekiel 38. How fascinating is it that these prophecies were written over 2500 years ago?

With the recent linkage between Russia, Iran, Turkey and North Africa, Ezekiel 38 is screaming at us to be ready and alert, watch and pay attention. The Middle East is so shaky now that it wouldn’t take much to cause an all-out assault on Israel, especially now that she has billions in revenues coming in due to natural gas and oil. It should not be overlooked that Russia’s economy is being squeezed right now and “Mother Russia” would love to take over Israel’s oil and gas revenues. Putin of Russia tried to make a business deal with Israel’s PM but they were turned down. Putin hates to lose. The only way Russia could ever take over Israel’s energy sector would be for Russia to take it by force, however we know what that outcome will be, Russia gets stomped on by The King of The Universe!

What will be the spark that causes the Ezekiel war to begin? I’ve been watching geopolitical events in the ME long enough to say it’s unwise to try to forecast the ME because there are powers unforeseen at work there that we just cannot account for. In any case, I can say with certainty that however it unfolds it will surprise us all!

Now we see Turkey, with the blessing of the United States and Russia, invading Syria and by the way, Turkey has one of the largest and most powerful armies in the world today. It seems from all of my sources that using a young boy to blow up a wedding in Turkey and wreak havoc among the people was more than even Erdoğan (president of Turkey) could stomach. Hence Turkey’s invasion of Syria to decimate ISIS.

As we see how the Middle East is shaping up prophetically and Biblically, we see that Israel is totally and completely encircled by people and nations who despise her. This is highlighted in scripture. The Bible tells us that at a time when the Jews have returned to Israel and Israel has been reestablished the world would once again focus on Jerusalem and there would grow in the hearts of men the insatiable thirst to get rid of the Jews and cause them to leave Israel or worse to kill all of the Jews! The Bible also warns that the time is coming when an alliance of Russians, Persians, Arabs and North African’s will launch an all-out assault on the Jewish state and God will fight the battle for His people and drive the alliance back to where they came from and many would fall on the mountains of Israel! This my friends is exactly what Ezekiel 38 outlines.

In years gone by I would have said that it’s hard to put The Middle East to a timeline because it’s always changing like the weather. But now in 2016, you can see that the geopolitical developments that are shaping the Middle East are very recognizable in the pages of Holy Writ.

How long do we have prior to the Ezekiel war, not very long, at least in my humble opinion and after over 40 years of studying the subject. I think we are the generation that will live to see this war take place and this event will begin to open the veil between the spiritual realm and ours. We are going to see things that will catch all of us off guard, when we see the very hand of God move in very visible ways to help His people and His land. Stay alert, pray and read God’s Word and buckle up it’s going to get very interesting from here…

The list of headlines are truly amazing when you consider them as a whole.

Provided by:
Turkish army invades Syria, battles ISIS around city of Jarablus

Turkish army attacks Syrian Jarablus Wednesday, Aug. 23.

Turkey – in full momentum since the Erdogan-Putin summit on Aug. 9 – is setting a rapid pace for its rapprochement with Israel. Saturday, Aug. 20, the Turkish parliament ratified the reconciliation agreement Ankara signed with Jerusalem and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that ambassadors would be exchanged soon. Full Story Here

Provided by: CBN News
North Korea’s Submarine Missile Launch a Bad Sign for US and Allies

North Korea’s communist regime fired a ballistic missile from a submarine Wednesday.
The missile flew about 310 miles, the longest flight ever by the North for such a weapon,  before crashing into the Sea of Japan. Full Story Here

Provided by: CBN News
Strong Quake Rocks Central Italy: ‘The Town Isn’t Here Anymore’

At least 247 people are dead and hundreds injured after a strong earthquake rocked central Italy Wednesday. Officials say the death toll is expected to rise as the towns dig out from the rubble.

The magnitude 6.0 quake hit especially hard in the tourist-filled towns of Amatrice and Accumoli. During the summer, vacationers seek out the region to escape the heat of Rome and other areas. Full Story Here

Provided by: CBN News
Attack Underway at American University in Afghan Capital

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – The American University of Afghanistan came under militant attack on Wednesday, according to an Associated Press photographer who was in class at the time. Full Story Here
Remember to keep looking up because Jesus is coming back soon!

Live out your faith,

Bro Stef, Pastor
Ezekiel 33

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