A Modern Day Miracle


Based on Genesis 18:23-33

Heads up – correction: I mentioned King Cyrus was the King that loved Daniel. I should have said King Darius in Daniel 6.

The Lord not only put Trump and Pence in office, but He has begun to destroy the legacy of a president that demonstrated his destain towards God, Country, Christians and Jews. His name is Barrack Obama. 

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The Christian community was faced with a very challenging election this year. Do we vote for someone who was braggadocio’s, brash and whose ego barely could fit through a doorway? On the other hand, do we vote for an individual who has established an attitude of lying, deceit, theft and someone who shares national top-secrets with those that do not have security clearance? What a position all of us were thrown into this election cycle.

The choice was gut-wrenching. It seemed to me that God put us all, who believe in Him, in a position where our only course of action was to pray, to seek Him out and to cry out to the one who died for us! So many of us did just that, we began praying and on election day and the Lord made it very clear to over 4 million “additional” evangelical voters that they should cast their vote for Donald Trump and vote for Biblical principals!

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A Modern Day Miracle…

The Christian community rose up and said enough is enough! It’s my opinion after observing what took place before and after the election that God’s people chose life versus death or should I say, a culture of life versus a culture of death.

Why do I say this?

Hillary Clinton stood for a culture of death. If you boil down her platform you were left with one glaring ideology that if you were a Christian you just could not get through and that being partial birth abortion’s. On the other hand, Trumps major problems didn’t seem so bad when you put them next to Hillary’s and so we heard, I believe, the Holy Spirit saying to us you only have one choice vote Trump.

The other thing that the Spirit of God helped me to recognize and I’m sure he probably did the same for you, was to see that Mike Pence was like a Daniel to Trump. I recalled when thinking about this, how Darius the king was so distraught when Daniel was in the Lions den that he couldn’t sleep all night and early in the morning he ran down to the Lions den to see if Daniel was alive or dead and when he saw Daniel was certainly alive and found out that Daniel was protected by The Angel of The Lord, both Daniel and Darius rejoiced!

The Lord put a loud-mouthed, ego centric, Baphoon with zero political experience on the political stage who was the most unlikley person to win a political race, so when he did win you and I along with the entire globe would have to admit God just performed a Modern Day Miracle!

When one considers how God used Cyress the King to rebuild Jerusalem, the similarities are very interesting, concerning Cyress and Trump. God used a idol worshipping gentile King to save His people and the Lord used an extremely flawed man to answer the prayers of His people and to push the pause button. Who knows, Trump may accept The Lord like Cyrus did and maybe America just might experience one more revival prior to Yeshua’s return, if we continue seeking His face and living out our faith! Amen. 

Finally… Mike Pence is like Daniel to Donald Trump and it’s like I said in one of my Facebook posts, “that once again the White House will hear the sweet sound of prayer going through the White House hallways and corridor’s.” What a marvelous thing.

What a wonderful God we serve and let’s take advantage of the next four years that God is giving us to live out our faith and be all that we can be in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember to keep looking up Jesus is coming back soon!

Bro Stef, Pastor

Ezekiel 33

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2 thoughts on “A Modern Day Miracle

  1. Very insightful brother. God is in charge of who is in charge of men, for whatever reason. Daniel 4:17, 25 & 32. Perhaps Pence is a Daniel to Trump and Trumps pride and ego needs to be broken as was Nebuchadnezzar


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