30 Days of Gratitude and Thankfulness


So I was praying about three months ago about doing a Facebook Live broadcast but I didn’t want to do another study or go on and on bloviating about nonsense for what might seem to the listener an eternity. What I wanted was to share something substantive and helpful for my online family.

I continued praying. I must be real here, I didn’t pray endlessly about this…whenever I thought about it I prayed and asked The Lord to help me with this idea and not to help me if He wanted to take me in a different direction.

On Monday I came into my office and opened my email, this is what I do every morning. You should know that I am a delete maniac with email. I hate with a passion getting email that doesn’t apply to me or email that I didn’t ask for. Because of this I tend to delete first and then take a second look. So, as I was deleting I saw what seemed to be autumn leaves which got my attention. I said to myself, “oh crud, what did you do?” I immediately went to my deleted folder and started looking frantically for anything that had leaves in it and to my delight I found the email. The picture above is what was in that email.

I looked at the email and it had a simple invitation to go through the prayer guide daily for 30 days and offered a challenge to me, to see if God might help me to become more thankful and grateful and what that might do to my heart over the daily – simple exercise for 30 days. I thought, “Lord have you just answered my prayer about Facebook Live? I ran it by my wife who thought this would be perfect. Right then and there I committed to the task and the next day started sharing on Facebook Live!

Here are the first 3 days for you to check out. If you think this might be a good thing for you, join us on Facebook by going to http://facebook.com/BroStef/ and friending me and then go to events and subscribe to the 30 Day Gratitude Prayer Guide.

Here’s the link to download the guide.

The sessions on FB Live are every Monday-Friday 9:50am PST – 10:15am PST. If you can join us we’d love to see you there.

Keep the conversation moving forward by sharing your thoughts in the reply section below!

Keep looking up because Jesus is coming back soon,

Bro Stef, Pastor
Ezekiel 33

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