ISIS Threatening Israel


With a media blitz, the Islamic State has set its sights on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula as the next shot at expanding its empire and establishing a base from which to attack neighboring Israel. READ THE HEADLINE HERE…

Bro Stef Commentary:

Do we know for sure that ISIS will attempt to invade Israel? Know one knows for sure except The Lord. The reason I say this is because it is theoretically possible that Turkey, Russia and Iran could destroy ISIS and thereby stop their advance towards the Jewish State.

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Prophecy “General” Update

Today I thought I would provide a general update.

As the world spins out of control socially, economically, spiritually and politically we need to shore up our faith and be in the know of those things in the geopolitical realm that God uses to shape His end times plan!

There is no doubt in my mind that hard times are coming and we are going to become very uncomfortable. Let’s keep in mind that the United States has become very comfortable with prosperity, security and economically. Today, like never before, all three are being threatened.

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The Messiah is Coming!

Based on Daniel 7-12; Zechariah 10-14; Matthew 24 and 1 Corinthians 15:51-5

With the news [ ] that the High Priest has been put into office for the temple, the third temple, it signifies the return of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) is near.

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Signs of The Times: Syrian Kurds clash with Turkish forces


Syrian Kurdish militia commanders are flouting the ultimatum US Vice President Joe Biden handed them Wednesday, Aug. 24 to retreat to east of the Euphrates or else forfeit US support.  Instead, debkafile’s military sources report, they decided to stand their ground and fight it out with the Turkish army. The first clash occurred Thursday overnight, when Kurdish forces from Manbij attacked the positions taken by Turkish tanks in Jarablus, hours after Islamic State forces were put to flight from this border town. The battles continued into Friday morning, Aug. 26. Full Article Here

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Signs of The Times


Bro Stef’s Intelligence Commentary:

Today we have an interesting list of headlines that all point to the formation and continued build up towards the Ezekiel war found in Ezekiel 38. We are seeing beginning of sorrows and wars and rumors of wars” take shape right in front of us, that our Lord points to in Matthew 24.

I have been talking a lot about Ezekiel 38 over the last few years and that’s because the headlines all seem to point in that direction and they continue to do so. Even the news that Iran has been appeased and our government has assisted in their march towards nuclear weapons, points to Ezekiel 38. The changes in Turkey that we are now watching play-out on our television screens is pointing to Ezekiel 38. How fascinating is it that these prophecies were written over 2500 years ago?

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