30 Days of Gratitude and Thankfulness


So I was praying about three months ago about doing a Facebook Live broadcast but I didn’t want to do another study or go on and on bloviating about nonsense for what might seem to the listener an eternity. What I wanted was to share something substantive and helpful for my online family.

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Lawlessness and The End Times

lawlessness-cartoonFoundational scriptures; 2 Thessalonians 2:7-10 and 1 John 3:4

We see lawlessness everywhere we turn today. From people killing one another, killing police, police killing people who are not armed (and over reaction to fear) to our government officials writing laws that are illegal, bribes, security breeches, lying and doing what is unseemly throughout our country and now globally.

We really need Jesus to come back soon to straighten out the mess we have created.

Our society is being threatened with nuclear war and many in the intelligence communities believe America just might be nuked sooner rather than later.

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