The War Against President Trump


Normally I don’t reprint what someone else has written, however, what Hal Lindsey sent to us today in email was so profound I had to post it and let you read this great review of what has happened over the last eight years and what Trump is up against. Pass this on if you feel it is share worthy…

By Hal Lindsey Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. His inauguration was the culmination of a meteoric rise to power that remains largely a mystery to the political class. The demise of his political odyssey was predicted time and again by the mainstream media. The end of his campaign for the presidency was confidently announced by pundit after pundit, and on many occasions. To that, Mr. Trump could have echoed Mark Twain, who, in 1897 answered an inquiry about his failing health. He wrote simply, “The report of my death was an exaggeration!” The reports of Trump’s political death were not only an exaggeration, they were dead wrong! (Pun intended.)

To the horror of the political establishment (both parties), the mainstream media, the federal employee unions, the many George Soros organizations, the pro-illegal immigrationists, the mayors of American sanctuary cities, the pro-abortionists, the LGBTTTQQIAA movement, the pro-TTPers, the radical Islamic terrorists (and their lobbyist supporters), the anti-American-energy-independence faction, virtually all those in academia everywhere, the race-baiters and their Congressional toadies, the American Association of Corrupt Lobbyists (if there wasn’t such an organization, maybe there is one now!), the “safe-space” children’s group otherwise known as American colleges and universities, Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the anti-God types, the European Union, the Iranians, the Palestinians, migrant men and jihadi infiltrators from the Middle East, the Islamic State, the Chinese Communists, all globalists everywhere, the Clintons, those who did the Clintons’ bidding while in high public office, the Obamas, those who did the Obamas’ bidding while in high public office, and many others too numerous to mention, Trump actually won!

And now, Hillary Clinton is not going to be allowed to finish the “transformation” of America that Barack Obama began in 2008.

But if you think Trump’s election ended the war to destroy America, think again. In Washington, these wars don’t end with the winning of a single battle or a single election! Unfortunately, those on the Left are often “lifers!” They don’t go away or surrender their destructive political aspirations. They’re in it for life (“death” is probably more accurate). And they will be back tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, or the next…. Until they get their way.

And the Left carries grudges. Consider Richard Nixon. The Left and the mainstream media hated Richard Nixon. And it was personal. To be fair, even many Republicans didn’t personally like Mr. Nixon. But his history of strong opposition to Communism raised the hackles of the entertainment industry, the media, the Democrats, and many of those in the liberal movement.

It’s true that he was a secretive and rather paranoid person, but so were his two immediate predecessors. But the Left should have loved Richard Nixon if policy accomplishments were actually important to them.

Richard Nixon ended the military draft; established relations with China; introduced detente with the Soviet Union; negotiated the SALT agreements to begin nuclear armament reduction; advocated for universal health care; integrated more schools than all other Presidents combined; established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); freed American currency from the gold standard; created the “petrodollar” that made the American dollar preeminent globally; and ended Lyndon Johnson’s Viet Nam war.

The American public approved. In 1972, Richard Nixon won an unprecedented landslide re-election. He took 520 electoral votes to George McGovern’s 17.

But that didn’t matter. The political establishment didn’t like Richard Nixon. So they ferreted out crimes that Nixon certainly committed, but that had been tolerated in certain other Presidents. And they used them to drive him in humiliation from the White House in 1974.

But be warned. Compared to what President Trump is facing, Richard Nixon had it easy.

There were calls for Trump’s impeachment from some members of Congress before he had even been inaugurated. The Left and the mainstream media have already embarked on campaigns to delegitimize his presidency. Former Attorney-General Eric Holder has been hired by some states to fight Trump’s attempts to enforce current federal laws regarding immigration. Former President Obama decided to remain in Washington, D.C., so he can be readily available to the media and the establishment to fight Trump’s every action.

George Soros is doubling down on his anti-American activities. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Communist China offered its leadership and services to the world to continue Obama’s (and other globalists’) efforts to transform the world into a single global market and government.

And now that the Obama administration has facilitated China’s efforts to gain control of Hollywood’s six major studios, we can expect a steady stream of propaganda films extolling the virtues of global governance, Communist Chinese values, and the religion of humanism (with no shortage of Satanic influences thrown into the mix).

If you prayed for the President before the election, don’t stop now! The battle for America has just begun in earnest!

By the way, I’m sure you’ve been hearing all the talk about how President Trump is not a legitimate President because the Russians helped him win the election. On this week’s program, I’m going to tell you the real story about what happened with all the “leaked” emails of Secretary Clinton, John Podesta, and the DNC. Suffice it to say that you can’t believe everything you’ve been told by the media or the administration.

Also, you’ve been hearing howls from the Left about how Mr. Trump is not really the President because he didn’t win the “popular vote.” Once again, it’s irrelevant and the media, as well as the political establishment, know it.

Consider this: In Super Bowl 50, just one year ago, the Carolina Panthers had 315 yards of total offense. The Denver Broncos has only 194 yards of total offense. So Carolina won. Right?


The rules of American football don’t say that you win by gaining the most yards. You win by scoring the most points.

“Total offense” is just an interesting statistic.

In the United States, the Constitution is designed to keep the individual states relevant and with some power in the face of a strong federal government and a population concentrated in a few metropolitan areas. One of the ways the founders did that was by putting states at the center of the process for electing Presidents.

Both sides tried to win as many “electoral votes” as possible by winning the states with the most electors at stake. Neither Trump nor Clinton sought to win the national popular vote. It would be nice to win the popular vote, but it is secondary. It’s the “electors” who elect the President.

I’m sure the Broncos would have enjoyed having more total yards of offense than the Panthers in last year’s Super Bowl, but it wasn’t required to win the game and the championship.

Had the rules of the election been different, the strategies employed by both sides would have been different, too. And we have no way of knowing who would have won.

Speculate all you want, but don’t call the winner “illegitimate” because you don’t like the rules or the outcome. Either we have a Constitution or we don’t. Either that Constitution means something or it doesn’t.

If we cease to be a nation of laws, we become a nation where only the loud and violent have a voice.

This week, I will also take a look back at the last eight years. It is stunning to see how the world — and America — has changed and how much closer we are to the prophetic picture of the “last days” painted in scripture.

And, I will tell you part of the story of “How Hal Met Grace.” Maybe you will relate to my own experiences in my search for God.

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God Bless,
Hal Lindsey


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